Cut and Paste

Gerard Henderson on Waleed Aly’s latest column:

Aly concluded that “Palestinians are not rich Westerners, and so their lives simply don’t matter”. He went on to bag the secular regime in Egypt which is in conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood and, consequently, at odds with Hamas.

What Waleed Aly actually ‘concluded’ (emphasis mine):

If you take your cues from social media, on which this comparison is being relentlessly drawn, the reason is simple: Palestinians are not rich Westerners, and so their lives simply don’t matter. No doubt there’s some truth to this: humans are tribal animals, and we’re as tribal in death as we are in life. But it’s not an entirely satisfactory explanation because it comes from people who would likely exempt themselves from this rule.

The Australian’s editorial on the budget and proposals to scale back superannuation tax expenditures:

Likewise, suggestions that the removal of superannuation concessions would reap an extra $30 billion fail to take account of the mobility of investments.

The 2013 Tax Expenditure Statement, which estimates that the superannuation tax concessions amount to about $28 billion in 2013-4, $30 billion in 2014-5 and $33 billion in 2015-6 using the ‘revenue gain’ methodology:

The revenue gain estimates also incorporate the impact of direct behavioural responses from the change where these are expected to have a significant impact on the estimates.



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